Monday, July 10, 2006

wat the....

Guy A: She is fucking making used of me.
Me: Wat happened?
Guy A: She is always asking me to do report for her. Always asking me to buy bets for her in SGpool.
Me: den dun buy la!

the next day

Me: Eh go buy bets leh.
Guy A: ok wait ar, i ask her wat she wants first
Me: .....

Me: Later going yc house to watch final?
Guy A: Cannot leh, later going her house help her do reports.
Me: ...

Guy B: Fark la Im gonna give up on her. She says she wants to have more time to decide after i did so much for her
Me: really?
Guy B: YA! serious tis time.

2 days later

Guy B: eh u got any nice gd nite msg, i wan to send her.
Me: i thot u giving up on her already?
Guy B: but i really like her leh. she say she "enjoy" talking to me.

Cmon leh guys. Dun be stupid leh. Dunnoe wat is the right word to use, but... -_-!!! If you dun wan her to make use of u, den stop doing things for her. Or once u did for her willingly, stop complaining la!! She didn't use a gun to force U!

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