Saturday, December 30, 2006

New YEAR!!

I was woken up by an sms that says "we broke up" today. Although couples cannot be together forever but the most important thing is that you have tried your best in every relationship. That's all it matters. During evening, i received another sms "later i shall hand my presidentship to Ruiwen". My friend, Lincoln, got a gf FINALLY LOL. Ok la hope your new phase of life would be a good one. Remember not to pangseh us =/.
Hmm.. i went to watch Deathnote 2 today. The storyline was really good. Unexpected things happened and in the end both L and Kira died. However my trip to the new Cathay theatre was not really good. While im watching the movie, people from behind kicks my seat from the start till the end of the movie -_-. Cmon la if im with my friends i will surely turn around and tell them. Despite my continuous turn about around my seat, they still do it f**k.
New year resolution. I dun really believe in setting one because i will fail to do it and become deeply disappointed in myself. Nevertheless, its still good to have some aims for the New Year.

1. Pass my End-of-Year Examination.
I guessed i passed my PD2 review since they have not send me anything emails about going back to sch for a second one. Now, its only the examination that matters. I will try hard to get pass this and earn the diploma.

2. Spend more time with my gf.
I think i have neglected her somehow since the time we are together. Although she has a nice temper, i think i must improve as a boyfriend and try not to make her angry often =/. Trying to think and care for her is really not an easy task for me i have to admit =x.

3. Going overseas.
I always wanted to go overseas to have a look at the outside world. They always say Singaporeans have a good life, so i wonder how people from other countries live their life. Saving up for a trip is hard la really HARD. But i will try hard to complete this new year wish of mine =D

Ok la three New year Resolution is enough. Trying to live life to the fullest is the most important. Stay happy dudes =]

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