Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Birthday!

My project day fell on thurs and fri. 8-5pm. I thot it was a packed day. But wtf man, i could sign in at 8 and it was my free time all the way till 5pm! WTF. I had forgotten how to slack already. We went to gym, table tennis, basketball, pool and everything we could do in school HAHA.

As you all know, my birthday fell on a thursday, which is a school day. So, decided to celebrate on saturday. My mom and dad brought me to Swensen for lunch at causeway. Mom gave me a big ang pao !! WOOT i love you mum! I met my kakis at Khatib before we board the train to marina for steamboat. The trip there was like damn long, somemore it was already around 8+, everyone was damn hungry. We were told by the woman that there will be free flow drinks but when we paid the money, they said they only have one free drink wtf. Overall it was alright la. Except for the tom yam soup, SO HOT! Everyone was sweating while cooking their own food lol. After eating, Wb called me and asked where we're going. We have a really hard time deciding! So we decided to go kbox in cine. I was told that we will be joined by yc, evelyn and derek heng.
On our way there, it was damn funny and embarassing. Everyone who board MRT often, know that there will be a empty space under the seat. Hogan wanted to be the entertainer and promised to ly under the seat on our way to orchard while we each pay him 2 bucks. As u all know, City Hall Station or the station before are always the one with the most ppl. He lie under the seat and some ppl dun even know. The legs of the commuters covered hogan lol! When the train arrived at Somerset, Hogan climbed out of a commuter's leg and everyone was shocked, how come someone climbed out from under the seat. Anyway, really kudos to Hogan for doing such a thing.
After reaching orchard, we took our time as we had already booked the rooms. Anyway, upon alighting the train, By had gotten rashes from the food we ate juz now. He was feeling damn uncomfortable. Rs suggested wb to send him home, but by didn't want. Lucky he didn't, or else he wouldn't had so much fun later on.
Anyway we sang from 12 to 6 in the morning before we took the train home hohoho. Thanks to by, rw, sk, rs, kel, kw, henry, lincoln, willie, bert, admond, yc and wb.
I love the brazil shirt ! lol
It was a memorable 20th birthday !

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