Saturday, November 04, 2006


Finally the vpp review is over. Our supervisor told us that we got a borderline pass. Alright, quite decent for a team like us - always lazy =D. Nothing really happens during the review. Three supervisor sitting on the chair as usual, listening to our presentation of our project. The real funny thing was that after we had presented our little-output vpp report, the teacher did not have much reaction. They just said okay and went to the other group. Maybe the teacher had given up on us already? hmm..
Alright so this is my last sem already, im gonna make use of the rest of my time for the project. No more time to joke around. It would be a waste to spend another 6 months in school JUST doing the project alone.
Went out with my darling and friends to catch a movie called Grudge 2 after my nap at home. Tired like hell =/. Quite scary. Alot of faces and screams like any other japanese horror show. Nothing much on a Friday night.

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