Tuesday, December 05, 2006


woOO been a long time since i sweat playing basketball. Its so fun. We joined huimin's church friends for a game at 838. Everyone was having fun. Sharon even flared up when she couldn't play because the guy with the ball had to go. I guess playing with friends is the best. No Stress, no commitment. Juz throwing the ball anywhere will do. We played till around midnite before we head home hahaha. Play hard work hard, but seems like im going to be a dead meat on Thurs - my final review. Henry and nick will be going army this sat. I hope to spend more time with them siol. Well, they will be eating and clubbing on wednesday which i guess i can't reject any further. Friday admond, kx and edric's birthday? Seems so fun eh.. another side of my life won't allow it =/

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