Sunday, December 17, 2006


Woke up quite late today. So decided to slack at hm with my girl. Aizai told me they didn't wan to go powerstation anymore. Instead, they eating steamboat at his house. His home was quite far from mine sia... so lazy la.
Anyway today i read an interesting article from straits time:

It shows some examples of people losing job and jobless for 12 years omg.
The government thot that by decreasing the income tax and increasing the GST, they will help the lower income group more than the richer people this way. I agree the situation actually improve. But then the real group that the government should look into is the middle-age group. Lets be realistic, if you are the boss, u won't wan to employ people that are over 40+ yrs old right? Older people are often the breadwinner of the families. They need the money to send their children to school. Look at my school fees, 11k. How can they afford sia?!? Ok the Government have some subsidies for my case, but what about those that couldn't make it to the Gov sch. Private schools?Universities? One of the examples writtened in the paper was a guy who studied very hard and try very hard to collect every diplomas he could. One day when he wanted to get a job, the guy said that his qualification was too high and the company couldn't afford. Even when u study hard enough, you might not get a job in Singapore. One funny thing i read about it is that people who kena illness rather die than get treatment. The 2% GST increase in hospital fees sure steam lor.
Anyway, seems like the old traditional saying that "studying hard increases chance of getting a job" dun make sense anymore leh. Staying in Singapore really is quite hard man, maybe migrating is the choice =/ .

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