Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A New Life, A New Phase

Sorry, have been busy hanging out with my friends to update this blog =/ Ok first, happy birthday to our sorzai aka Valerie leong. Thanks for the bbq - made me win money =D Ok a new phase of my life begins. I dun believe in bearing grudges and burning bridges towards our ex gf or bf. Let's move on. Hmm... exams is coming in three weeks time, hope i could make use of the time and pass all my modules =/. The next most anticipated "event" will be NS. Some of my friends would have to go in first, i wish them all the best! I will be joining them next year, after i finish my poly.

Ok Saturday was valerie's bbq birthday celebration. I met jason, irene, henry, willie, lincoln in the afternoon for town becoz some of them have not got any gifts for valerie. We met yc and kelvin in town at the starbucks near the california gym. After slacking awhile there, we went to shop around heeren and cine for gifts and bio char bor =/

Since we will be late for valerie's bbq, we came up of an idea to act as though we are not going for val's bbq anymore. That stupid sorzai even threatened me on the phone, order me to go for her bbq. LOL. When all of us reach the place, she was surprised but of cause happy. I think our groups consist of the best (or hardcore) gamblers in singapore becoz we could gamble no matter where we are. We put a matt on the pavement and started gambling. Knowing that i do not have luck, i put money in ruisze's place. lol he damn lucky, help me win money. Ok, we ton till about 6 and everyone went home by cab except me and willie.

Sunday was tiring since we did not have enuff sleep. We have decided to play streets soccer. I woke up at about 5+ and have to rush to khatib for soccer. But when i reached there, only bert was sitting at the hut under the HDB (as usual -_-) He seems very excited saying chio bu went up the block with a guy but she actually duno the guy. Seems to be FL, or freelance fyi. After about 20 mins, yc, kel, rw and rs came with xb drving. We started the game first before woodlands kias like nick, yj, qb and TM arrived. We played from 7 to around 11 before we proceed to the 848 coffeeshop for drinks. Damn thirsty and hungry. Ate the yong tau fu there, damn power. We tcss till i took the last train home. Reach home feeling moody, duno why. But when i think of rw, i feel sad for him LOL. His ex gf walk past the coffeeshop holding a guy's hand. Hai, i have worst experience. Anyway, i watched the dvd they lent me and slept at around 5 in the morning.

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