Tuesday, November 21, 2006

need to gain some weight

Woke up at 11.45am! luckily darling gave me a morning call at the most crucial time. Need to get to school at 1pm for my lab. Normally i took around 45 mins to reach sch if i takes bus to school but these few days are damn suay sia. The bus coming are either 950,966,856 -_- Ok finally 187 came and i met her for school together. Luckily wilkin doesn't need my laptop for his lab test anymore. He told me he had already sent his lappy for service. heng man or else he will be late for his lab test too.
Anyway lab is boring as usual. But my diet is different today man. i ate yogurt and butter rice( chicken with rice and fries) + morning bread =DD need to eat more and gain some weight man. Yj msg me and asked me to go gym tml. Just the right time =) I dun wan to be called a guniang because im too skinny lo! Things will be different after 1 month i promise hee.
After lunch i went to my project class with kel. Audrey mentioned that we need to do a poster for our technofair. -_-Suddenly felt a heavy rock on my shoulder. So many things to complete within these two weeks - Posters, project, report etc. Hopefully i could still pass year 3 without completing the project man =DD

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