Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Normally i won't be blogging at this time of the day but because i can't go anywhere with my sprained ankle for the FUCKING whole day, i have to find something to do. We planned to play soccer but since it rain, we played under the block. We went to this particular block. It is strange in a way that everyone was like looking at us when we play. Is it because World Cup is coming? Or they have nv seen ppl playing soccer under block before? An old man stands under the opposite block with his arm folded and stood for half an hour looking at us. funny -_-
So after the rain, we went back to the street soccer court for soccer. Ok this is how i got injured, I was trying a block a shot from mop tao, but the ball hit my ankle and sprained it. suay sia. It was the first time i sprained it so seriously. i have difficulties to even go for my dinner at the coffeeshop.
Today i have to share how i felt about something very typical in Singapore. Let's say there is this girl call A. She got a bf and seldom hang out with us anymore. The only time she hang out with us is when she has quarrels with her bf -_-! I still remember there was this time she wanted to go clubbing and asked my friend to share cab with her there (that day she quarrelled with the bf). A few of my friends were already there, so both of them went there to join them. This was wat i heard, she left after a awhile at the club after she made up with her bf. WTF was this man. PS my friend at the club? lol lucky i nv go. oh so yesterday, my friend msg her on msn and she said that she had deleted some of our contact becoz her bf dun like her to meet us. LMFAO! this is fucking stupid. I thot she had grown mature but haiz. Wakeup la, u think wat? two person in this world happily after in fairy tales? The best thing was that she had told me her ex treated her like that too. so she dun like. But she still does the same thing in her present relationship lol.
Anyway this has nothing to do with me, but one day if she got no more friends, blame herself.

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