Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year Everyone. Today is the last day of 2005 omfg. Hope everybody's bad luck remains in 2005 and good luck in 2006 =)

Friday, December 30, 2005

House Warming

Met up with Klara and philbert at around 5+ in town. We thot that klara was actually with her friends all day. but she was alone. She hinted us that she wants to go Far east for shopping. Since it's still early, we decided to head for lucky plaza first for dinner( Mert house warming @ 8).

We went to this malay eating house at the top floor of Lucky Plaza if you all know. I ordered the western food to try try =). The plate was so big that i thot i was carrying a tray instead. Klara and bert both ordered a dessert as they had already eaten. After the worthwhile big plate of chicken chop, we proceeded to Far East as klara wanted to buy a skirt which she had eyed of a long time(she told me). It was quite funny becoz two guys following a girl into a shop? Philbert was like whispering to me to stop at the entrance of the shop. The girl in the shop gives us a are-u-trying-to-steal-something that kinda look.

After that , we just walked around looking for suitable stuff for housewarming present. We bought 20 chicken pies for the 20 bucks omg. Philbert said that the auntie see him handsome so give him discount. Klara started to luff so loud i dunno why also. She was luffing all the way during our bus trip.

When we alighted, Klara's bf was already waiting there. Not a bad-looking guy. Quite humourous also. Mery's friends reached the place earlier than us. The food were half gone. But nvm since i have eaten juz now. After eating, we basically juz sat on the sofa and tokcok, since the tv heven arrive yet. Klara can really eat alot man. She juz keep eating non- stop.

At around 11.25, all of us took bus home.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Compaq Presario V2424!!

Woot ! juz got a call from HP confirming my starhub upgrades for my lappy! it's a Compaq Presario V2424 fyi. They said i have to wait for 18 days for verification of the payment -.-! Anyway belows are some pics of the lappy ( click to enlarge) -

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boring Week!

Sianz, the common test will be from the 4th to 6th of Jan. Planning to stay at home to study for it this week so that i could skip lesson again without being debarred hehee =/So there will be no New Year celebration for me =(

yes, this is the 5th xmas, 5yrs has since passed, down the road annually, i wanted to give a miss for xmas celebration. I dislike crowded places n events, n this is the truth but deep down inside the most valid reason is becoz of YOU.

its u, Girl, i've never ever enjoyed the pleasure of xmas which used to be my fav season of the yr. U've changed my live.

Every yr at this festival day of joy n happiness i reflect n think back about wad happen 5 yrs back. N yes, i've gotta admit, time really healed the wound but nonetheless my hatred for you increased by folds as time passed.

U're the reason that kept me alive all these yrs may it be good or bad. Don't you dare to die earlier then me, i wished u gd health n happiness for my only wish of survivor is revenge.
i'm penning down annually on this day to keep myself n u updated of things.Don't be naive, i'll never ever forgive you. When the time is ripe i'll challenge you upfront n face to face. i'll be ur worst enemy. For this i promise.

Merry xmas my love n hate!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Hello merry christmas everyone! Woke up late today because of tonning outside on eve. Went to causeway with dad and my brother as they wanted to change their handphone lines or maybe get their hp changed. Since at home so sianz, so went with them lor. Reached the hp shop and my father started looking for a new hp for my brother. Saw the w900i, omg fucking nice. But the price is 'nice' too. In the end, my dad brought the motorola v3 for my brother. He asked me to choose 1 too. I was so tempted, but since im going in army soon, buy liao cannot use in army zzz. Forget it la, use my lousy mitsubishi.

After that, we went to swensen for our dinner. Starhub also gave us a voucher of $40 for Swensen. Three of us was like ordered lots of food. Especially the ice-creams =)~~ My brother was smiling all the way while he's eating. Should be becoz of the new hp? lol.

After the dinner, Dad suggests we walked around causeway for gd digestion. It was fucking full lor bth. Saw a orange polo tee from Giordano, fucking nice. But when i took the polo tee and walk towards the fitting rm, i put back the polo tee immediately. The queues were fucking long lor. I guess because of the sales? After that took a bus back home, lazy to go out liao. Damn tired =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Geylang: eat chicken or you tiao?

Was playing match halfway when rs called and ask whether wanna geylang for supper. Dun think so much ok?!? it's juz having supper. After much consideration, me, kw and willie decided to go.
I agreed to meet kw at khatib mrt station but when i reach marsiling, i realised im actually taking the last train. Which was towards Amk. Kw lost his hp juz yesterday so i thot hopefully he would be at the platform when i reach yishun. True enuff, he was there waiting for me at the same cabin which im in lol. Luckily.
Ok we met up boon yong, rs and one of rs friend at amk and took cab there. Den we dropped off at Geylang east ave 1 to wait for cat. Never seen her before. But since she lives so near, we decided to ask her out for supper too.
After rs and his friend finished their business, we gathered at the coffee shop for our supper. We wanted to have the dou jiang you tiao, but his friend and rs too tired liao so they juz wan to eat and go back. I refused to eat coz i really wanna try the you tiao in Geylang, nv had it before. So cat and me didn't have anything and waited for them to finish their economical bee hoon.
After they finish, by rs and his friend take cab home while me , cat , willie and kw walked down a few lorongssss for the dou jiang you tiao.
Omg the you tiao with the dou jiang was nice but when i uses the spoon to stir it, i could feel tiny bits of sugar at the bottom of the bowl. They put fucking lots of sugar in it. The carrot cake was also not that bad. There's an omelette on the top of it. After having the delicious supper, we walked cat back to her condo and took cab home =).

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lesson learnt

Please my friends, if you have already broken up with ur gf or bf, dun even talk bad about them anymore.
Not together liao den stop insulting him or her la.
You are only portraying a bad image about yourself only.
What for use harsh words on blogs?
Trying to let everybody know about how bad ur ex is? Is it always his/her fault when the both of u broke up?
He or she might not be a good bf/gf, but can also be a good friend of others rite?
Maybe 8 characters not match leh? cannot blame ma.
Think about it before you write anything about the past ok?

Monday, December 12, 2005

School sucks

Slept till 12pm in the afternoon. Luckily i have asked De Sheng to sign for me hhee. Guess wat, he actually sms me that he can't sign the attendance - Too many ppl absent liao, the lecturer asked us to tap our NP card -.-! Nvm sch sucks. The class ended at about 4pm before i met kel and the rest in town.

Dunno why when i reached town, i have a phobia of meeting someone. Don't wish to see her with her mate on the street. We went to play billiard. Me and rw teamed up and we lost omg. Dunnoe wat he's doing. His mind was somewhere else, must be his san jiao lian la =/ . After that we went Long John for my dinner and tok cok until about 9.30pm. Took the train home with the rest and kelvin went to look for his prawn.

Was hoping my Dream lappy dell inspiron 630m. I was abit pissed off by my Dad already. Always put aeroplane on me. -.-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy lifeeeee

Life has been great for me so far.. except that i skip sch more often than other semesters =X
Went to zouk with kelvin, wilkin, Kelvin wee and sor zai on wednesday as we have the free tickets to the flesh imp events. Because of some reasons, we were late for the entry at 9pm. Fucking wasteddddd....... As a result we have to buy the tickets for the partying after the event. We went to the nearby coffee shop for supper as it was still too early to club. The uncle came to our table and i ordered "teh" then the uncle suddenly shout damn fking loud " Drink beer la why come here drink teh", omfg the whole coffee shop can hear. Fyi, the uncle look like an old beng lor.

After the supper, we bought our tickets and enter phuture. I was unfamiliar with the place becoz it was only the second time i had been here. As phuture was still not that crowded yet, we went zouk ( There are free admission to zouk) to see if there are any familiar faces around. We took our free drinks and sat down while waiting for people to enter the dance floor. We bought the 1 for 1 at 11pm and drank before heading for the dance floor. I was abit blur already ( as u all know i can't drink la ) I thot i saw wrongly, i took another glance and saw michael. He's my leader when i first started playing in a team called the Perverts. I didn't realise how ah gua he was until sor zai ask me ," Why your friend ah gua one" The way he dances really turn me off haha.

Zouk became more and more crowded. We wanted to have a drinks after our dance. Guess wat, we have difficulties to even walk to the toilet. sor zai really sor zai, go toilet nv bring hp. We all have to search high and low for her. After getting our drinks, we proceeded to Phuture. It was also getting more and more crowded too. I realised that when we were dancing, there were alot of people moving in and out of the dance floor, disturbing our dance. It was more frequent than Chinablack. We dance from about 1.30 am till it closes. Leg damn pain.

After which we wanted to rest somewhere and have a drink. Was feeling thirsty from all the alcohol. We went to the stairs below the HDB block. Juz beside us, there parked a bike. I sat on it since there was not enough spaces on the stairs. After awhile, a guy came over and asked fiercely " who sat on my bike ?!? ". Wah lao eh, as if his bike is made up of gold or wat sia. He chased us off the staircase and we headed to the bus stop. Kelvin and wilkin shared a cab and went home first. The rest of us headed to my house since no one except my dad was around.

It has been a long time since i visits someone's blog. I went in and saw her latest entry swearing at me. I dunnoe why u have to use those words on me. But nvm since you are so sure that i betrayed u in the past, i dun wish to explain anymore, let it be ok? Sorry =/ Hope u found ur happiness already.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Omg someone among us is getting married again.

Do think twice before getting married.Came across this in one of the forums haha. quite true

Before marriage.
Darling here.. darling there...
After marriage. Baling here... baling there..

Before marriage. . I die for you. . .
After marriage. "You die, up to you. "
Lagi lama married. . You die I help you!

Before marriage. . You go anywhere. . I follow you.
After marriage. . . You go anywhere. . up to you.
Lagi lama married. . . You go anywhere better get lost!!

Before wedding you are my heart, you are my love"
After wedding "you get on my nerves. "

Before wedding "you are sweet and kind just like Cinderella"
After wedding "you are worse than godzila"

Before wedding Roses are red, violets are blue. Like it or not, I'm stuck with you
After wedding Roses are dead, I am blue. You get on my head, I will sue you

Before wedding Every makan he brings you to Shangri-La
After wedding You want to go, he says you wait-la

Before wedding She looks like Anita Sarawak ( donkey years ago! )
After wedding Don't know whether katak or biawak

Before wedding Weekends at Cameron, Genting and Fraser's Hill
After wedding Furthest you go is Maxwell Hill

Before wedding He opens the car door
After wedding He opens his mouth and snores

Before wedding She / he was your ideal
After wedding She / he becomes your ordeal

hehe...future careful...and future aware.......................!!