Monday, December 12, 2005

School sucks

Slept till 12pm in the afternoon. Luckily i have asked De Sheng to sign for me hhee. Guess wat, he actually sms me that he can't sign the attendance - Too many ppl absent liao, the lecturer asked us to tap our NP card -.-! Nvm sch sucks. The class ended at about 4pm before i met kel and the rest in town.

Dunno why when i reached town, i have a phobia of meeting someone. Don't wish to see her with her mate on the street. We went to play billiard. Me and rw teamed up and we lost omg. Dunnoe wat he's doing. His mind was somewhere else, must be his san jiao lian la =/ . After that we went Long John for my dinner and tok cok until about 9.30pm. Took the train home with the rest and kelvin went to look for his prawn.

Was hoping my Dream lappy dell inspiron 630m. I was abit pissed off by my Dad already. Always put aeroplane on me. -.-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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