Friday, December 30, 2005

House Warming

Met up with Klara and philbert at around 5+ in town. We thot that klara was actually with her friends all day. but she was alone. She hinted us that she wants to go Far east for shopping. Since it's still early, we decided to head for lucky plaza first for dinner( Mert house warming @ 8).

We went to this malay eating house at the top floor of Lucky Plaza if you all know. I ordered the western food to try try =). The plate was so big that i thot i was carrying a tray instead. Klara and bert both ordered a dessert as they had already eaten. After the worthwhile big plate of chicken chop, we proceeded to Far East as klara wanted to buy a skirt which she had eyed of a long time(she told me). It was quite funny becoz two guys following a girl into a shop? Philbert was like whispering to me to stop at the entrance of the shop. The girl in the shop gives us a are-u-trying-to-steal-something that kinda look.

After that , we just walked around looking for suitable stuff for housewarming present. We bought 20 chicken pies for the 20 bucks omg. Philbert said that the auntie see him handsome so give him discount. Klara started to luff so loud i dunno why also. She was luffing all the way during our bus trip.

When we alighted, Klara's bf was already waiting there. Not a bad-looking guy. Quite humourous also. Mery's friends reached the place earlier than us. The food were half gone. But nvm since i have eaten juz now. After eating, we basically juz sat on the sofa and tokcok, since the tv heven arrive yet. Klara can really eat alot man. She juz keep eating non- stop.

At around 11.25, all of us took bus home.

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