Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Geylang: eat chicken or you tiao?

Was playing match halfway when rs called and ask whether wanna geylang for supper. Dun think so much ok?!? it's juz having supper. After much consideration, me, kw and willie decided to go.
I agreed to meet kw at khatib mrt station but when i reach marsiling, i realised im actually taking the last train. Which was towards Amk. Kw lost his hp juz yesterday so i thot hopefully he would be at the platform when i reach yishun. True enuff, he was there waiting for me at the same cabin which im in lol. Luckily.
Ok we met up boon yong, rs and one of rs friend at amk and took cab there. Den we dropped off at Geylang east ave 1 to wait for cat. Never seen her before. But since she lives so near, we decided to ask her out for supper too.
After rs and his friend finished their business, we gathered at the coffee shop for our supper. We wanted to have the dou jiang you tiao, but his friend and rs too tired liao so they juz wan to eat and go back. I refused to eat coz i really wanna try the you tiao in Geylang, nv had it before. So cat and me didn't have anything and waited for them to finish their economical bee hoon.
After they finish, by rs and his friend take cab home while me , cat , willie and kw walked down a few lorongssss for the dou jiang you tiao.
Omg the you tiao with the dou jiang was nice but when i uses the spoon to stir it, i could feel tiny bits of sugar at the bottom of the bowl. They put fucking lots of sugar in it. The carrot cake was also not that bad. There's an omelette on the top of it. After having the delicious supper, we walked cat back to her condo and took cab home =).

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