Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boring Week!

Sianz, the common test will be from the 4th to 6th of Jan. Planning to stay at home to study for it this week so that i could skip lesson again without being debarred hehee =/So there will be no New Year celebration for me =(

yes, this is the 5th xmas, 5yrs has since passed, down the road annually, i wanted to give a miss for xmas celebration. I dislike crowded places n events, n this is the truth but deep down inside the most valid reason is becoz of YOU.

its u, Girl, i've never ever enjoyed the pleasure of xmas which used to be my fav season of the yr. U've changed my live.

Every yr at this festival day of joy n happiness i reflect n think back about wad happen 5 yrs back. N yes, i've gotta admit, time really healed the wound but nonetheless my hatred for you increased by folds as time passed.

U're the reason that kept me alive all these yrs may it be good or bad. Don't you dare to die earlier then me, i wished u gd health n happiness for my only wish of survivor is revenge.
i'm penning down annually on this day to keep myself n u updated of things.Don't be naive, i'll never ever forgive you. When the time is ripe i'll challenge you upfront n face to face. i'll be ur worst enemy. For this i promise.

Merry xmas my love n hate!

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