Monday, December 12, 2005

Enjoy lifeeeee

Life has been great for me so far.. except that i skip sch more often than other semesters =X
Went to zouk with kelvin, wilkin, Kelvin wee and sor zai on wednesday as we have the free tickets to the flesh imp events. Because of some reasons, we were late for the entry at 9pm. Fucking wasteddddd....... As a result we have to buy the tickets for the partying after the event. We went to the nearby coffee shop for supper as it was still too early to club. The uncle came to our table and i ordered "teh" then the uncle suddenly shout damn fking loud " Drink beer la why come here drink teh", omfg the whole coffee shop can hear. Fyi, the uncle look like an old beng lor.

After the supper, we bought our tickets and enter phuture. I was unfamiliar with the place becoz it was only the second time i had been here. As phuture was still not that crowded yet, we went zouk ( There are free admission to zouk) to see if there are any familiar faces around. We took our free drinks and sat down while waiting for people to enter the dance floor. We bought the 1 for 1 at 11pm and drank before heading for the dance floor. I was abit blur already ( as u all know i can't drink la ) I thot i saw wrongly, i took another glance and saw michael. He's my leader when i first started playing in a team called the Perverts. I didn't realise how ah gua he was until sor zai ask me ," Why your friend ah gua one" The way he dances really turn me off haha.

Zouk became more and more crowded. We wanted to have a drinks after our dance. Guess wat, we have difficulties to even walk to the toilet. sor zai really sor zai, go toilet nv bring hp. We all have to search high and low for her. After getting our drinks, we proceeded to Phuture. It was also getting more and more crowded too. I realised that when we were dancing, there were alot of people moving in and out of the dance floor, disturbing our dance. It was more frequent than Chinablack. We dance from about 1.30 am till it closes. Leg damn pain.

After which we wanted to rest somewhere and have a drink. Was feeling thirsty from all the alcohol. We went to the stairs below the HDB block. Juz beside us, there parked a bike. I sat on it since there was not enough spaces on the stairs. After awhile, a guy came over and asked fiercely " who sat on my bike ?!? ". Wah lao eh, as if his bike is made up of gold or wat sia. He chased us off the staircase and we headed to the bus stop. Kelvin and wilkin shared a cab and went home first. The rest of us headed to my house since no one except my dad was around.

It has been a long time since i visits someone's blog. I went in and saw her latest entry swearing at me. I dunnoe why u have to use those words on me. But nvm since you are so sure that i betrayed u in the past, i dun wish to explain anymore, let it be ok? Sorry =/ Hope u found ur happiness already.

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