Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Hello merry christmas everyone! Woke up late today because of tonning outside on eve. Went to causeway with dad and my brother as they wanted to change their handphone lines or maybe get their hp changed. Since at home so sianz, so went with them lor. Reached the hp shop and my father started looking for a new hp for my brother. Saw the w900i, omg fucking nice. But the price is 'nice' too. In the end, my dad brought the motorola v3 for my brother. He asked me to choose 1 too. I was so tempted, but since im going in army soon, buy liao cannot use in army zzz. Forget it la, use my lousy mitsubishi.

After that, we went to swensen for our dinner. Starhub also gave us a voucher of $40 for Swensen. Three of us was like ordered lots of food. Especially the ice-creams =)~~ My brother was smiling all the way while he's eating. Should be becoz of the new hp? lol.

After the dinner, Dad suggests we walked around causeway for gd digestion. It was fucking full lor bth. Saw a orange polo tee from Giordano, fucking nice. But when i took the polo tee and walk towards the fitting rm, i put back the polo tee immediately. The queues were fucking long lor. I guess because of the sales? After that took a bus back home, lazy to go out liao. Damn tired =)

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