Saturday, January 20, 2007

Technofair Day 2

Today marks the final day taking care of my project. After the technofair, everyone has to hand in their project to the school. Instead of wearing black pants, i wore jeans because it seems like no people even care about your dressing. Everyone must have slackened abit since day 1 was like so relax. Most of my friends came after 11am(attendance time).

Although the SOE senior director came to our room today, he didn't ask much about our project. Instead, he shakes each of our hands and asked whether we enjoyed the project. ROFL. Its the first time my supervisor treated us that friendly.. although our project didn't work, he didn't care and asked for a photoshoot haha. Took somemore pictures with my other friends since im bored =/
Everyone was like carrying a hidden smile when one of the lecturers came into the room and asked us to pack up at 530. I skipped the buffet at 6 because i ate too much during lunch -_-

Some pics:

Group pics

My project group + supervisor!

Taken with Shawn!

I can get through poly life without getting bullied is because of her!

Taken with Benny aka Lau Tak Wah!

Yongsheng and Wengyou - after smoking!

Chai Wee, William, Kelvin, Wilkin.

Finally my FYP is over!!!

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