Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First day of last term in NP

Wow my first day was like so damn tired, i slept less than 3 hrs the whole night. During the holidays, im getting used to sleeping at 6 in the morning and waking up at night already. Anyway everyone has a glum look when i stepped into the class. They told me they failed the common test. YES! i was expecting it(the paper). But i failed -_- i got 42/100 =(
I have a friend who is in serious trouble and i wish him luck for the coming days. He has to appeal for a retest so that the retest paper would not be capped at 50, and appeals for a debarment. Appealing for a debarment is kinda troublesome because u have to ask ur parents down and arrange a date with the ECE office so that they could review you. Good luck !

My eyes has been red for around 1 week already. i guess i have no choice but to see white angels tml =Z.

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