Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Medical Check up!

Initially i wanted to stay over at kw house so that we could have an easier time waking each other up if necessary, but im not sure whether those CMPB people allow us to wear slippers. So to make sure that i won't have to make another trip to CMPB, i think i have to catch the last train home.

Before that we actually went to lower seletar to slack instead of the usual 921. Sitting in Yc's A6 was like ermm.. honoured?? im the first few who actually sat in his car? 2.0 with the T was enough for my heart to jump liao when he demostrated a fast speed straightroad drive on the way there. Hai richkid sia, wonder when would i have the chance to be a driver of those cars. Anyway i have asked kw to come down 921 to collect his medical checkup questionaire. But since he just woke up, he wanted us to go ahead first. The place was quiet because its a Monday?

All of us decided to end the slacking day when kw just reached. I thot i was feeling guilty since i was the one who asked him to come. I followed him home. His mom sounds happy. I think it has been around 1 year since i visited his home. His mum kept reminding his son on what to bring for the next day when i heard something like

"Remember to wear shoes instead of slippers!"

I was thinking ermmm maybe i should rush home since its 12am only. I said bye to his mum and left.

We had 921 ba chor mee for breakfast before cabbing to CMPB. We were the earliest liao i think. We still have to wait for the photographer to get ready his camera before we could start off with the first station. I was wondering whether my sideburn can curl to the back since its neither long nor short. Luckily they nv kp about my hair. I thot i didnt have to go back CMPB since i passed this stage but things are yet to come.

We came to a station where testing of the ear takes place. We have to raise our hands according to where the sound goes. If its on the right den lift your right hand, same for the left. I was listening very carefully but still i can't hear any shit. It make sounds like a bee hiding in ur ear. The guy took very long to "examine" me and wrote a letter trying to pull me back to CMPB two weeks later. Sibei sianzzzZZz. The place is so farking far and i have to go back there again for 1 TEST. The last station was the station where u do freaking alot of question. Really stupid question like "John has two apples, jane gave another 3 apples to him. How many apples for John?" abit waste time man. Since i dun have much mood already, some of the qns i just hantam only. The overall checkup was quite fast leh, not like some people who exaggerated.

Anyway, thanks to the bloody zbl audio guy, i got a pes D and i have to go back on the 29th again.

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