Saturday, January 13, 2007

happy birthday yj!

Met Qb and tm with their gfs, admond and nick at the 969 stop getting ready to board the bus towards the bbq near the birthday boy's house. When 969 came, tm suddenly realised his card holder is missing. He lost his IC and other stuff!

Anyway my right leg was soaked in mud when we reached there, thanks to Nicholas and the weather. He brought us through a short cut to a shelter under the HDB, the path were muddy -_-. The bbq were held there. The place was already filled with people when we arrived. I saw some of my ex classmates and some other new faces. Memories of secondary school came back to me seriously. Luckily, Yj didn't invite someone i dun wan to face.

I was damn hungry la. I didn't had any food since i woke up in the morning except a cup of coffee. I went around searching for food and realised one of the best is the bee hoon already. YJ told me his mom cook that omg, maybe better than my mom's hehe.
It was more like a gathering for those groups who knew each other. After everyone filled their stomach, we proceed to the "cut cake" routine. Everyone stood up and sang birthday song for the boy. YJ attempted to pull the candle out from the cake when one of his family members pushed his head down. His whole face tio and he ran around trying to dirty someone. Yc was damn suay but he passed his suayness to me and wipe his little bits of cake on my ear-_-.

I was already near to having hiccups(my body does that when im damn full) when YJ offered the cake to me. Quite nice so i didn't resist hehe. They said i became more and more skinny but i think it was my shirt that projected me getting smaller. The size is "just nice" fitted on my body that's y. Oh ya the cops came once before we had the cake - complains must have been made.

Anyway after all those eatings, we chatted till about 1am before we went off. I felt that the night were still young for a friday morning but they wanted to go leh. I headed home after that. Happy 21st birthday to YunJie.

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