Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ransacked my whole cardboard looking for a white shirt to wear for technofair. I have a white one but some light blue strips around. Not sure whether they allowed, i went to the nearby shop to get a white shirt-_- . Technofair is actually an event during the school's Open House when u display your FYP. The school informed us to wear black shoes and pants + a white shirt.

I met qianping on the way to sch and decided to go backgates for a smoke since its early. Because i didn't set up my components in the second floor, i have to go back to class to get ready. Everyone was wearing pants/skirt and white shirt. The whole room were filled with waiter and waitresses. I was abit -_- when i saw people wearing shirt with patterns on their shirt. They dun seem to care much about your appearance. The whole event also boring- not much visitors into the room. They just asked abit of qns about the project before they went off to another booth. I was wondering how many secondary school students dare to step into a room with so many people wearing white shirt and black pants.

Anyway i was bored and i took some picture.

Because my mum didn't do any cooking, i called bert and others to meet them at canteen 2 so as to have someone to acc me for dinner outside. We went to 921 for dinner before heading home!

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