Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hardwork =/= Success

How many times have you tried to achieve something by putting in a huge amount of effort only to be disappointed with the results and regretted? Many a times, there are situations where success could not really be achieved when u put in more effort than anyone else. Yes, you have to work hard to get something, but sometimes many other factors are involved in the process of getting your desired dreams.

For example, a relationship. I dun have a degree in BGR, this is purely my OWN opinion.
You tried to be with her everyday and abandon ur friends so that she won't feel lonely. You tried to celebrate the day of every month(i mean EVERY) where you two started. You spent 1 month making cakes, cookies and any other meaningful stuff for her during annual anniversaries 1 week before your exams. Every time she said she's bored, you dun hesitate to head straight down for a cab to look for her even if she lives in Clementi and you, in Tampines. You fell out with your parents when they reprimanded you, asking you not to chat so long on the phone. You tried to change everything about yourself and gave way to her whenever both of you quarrel, even though she's at fault.
One day, she started thinking about her future, she wants someone who could provide for her. She feels that you dun have high qualifications. She wanted freedom. She wanted a new experience. She felt sian of the relationship already. She met some new friends and wanted to spend time with them as she felt more relax with them. Look, these are all very good reasons. She has her right to look for a better future, a better life or watever. She wanted a breakup.
In these situations, we had given our best in this relationship, we worked hard to make the other party love us. However, things dun always turn out to be like those in fairy tales, other factors comes along. The most important thing is to learn from these situation and be stronger! Once you have tried your best, that's it. Learn from the mistakes and accepts the reality.

It takes two hands to clap, ALWAYS.

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