Sunday, February 04, 2007

Farewell party

I thought we were quite late when i met up with henry, willie and admond to Sentosa, Cafe Del Mar, for the farewell party. But the rest came around 15 minutes later. They plan to have the party at KM8 initially but changes to Cafe Del Mar, which i thought was way better than KM8. It is like a bar with music and the outside were taken up by beds and sofa for people to relax and chill. The place was crowded since it was a Saturday and most of the seats or beds were occupied.

We arrived at around 11 and soon the drinks came. We ate the cake first since many of us were hungry before having the drinks. Seriously i find that the taste of red wine sucks. Since kel asked me to drink with him, i guess i have no choice =( but to take 123213242 sips to finish the drink. After drinking, we took some pictures ! shall post it later =/

What i heard was kel actually told Evelyn and kx's gf that we must dump him in the pool. All the guys stood up and approached kel. He took off his clothes and took him to the sea. Near the seaside, kel pulled yc, whom caught off guard, into the water. I thot "wah so suay sia". Kel was trying to run away when i said,

"Eh where you going. You're still not wet leh."

"Oh really ar.", he replied and pulled me into the sea too -_-

damn Australian. Luckily my handphone still work.
The surrounding was so cold after the dip in the water. The four of us(kx was involved later on) went to the gents to get rid of the sands and dry up.

Hoping for a alcoholic drink desperately to warm our body, we went back to our bed but was told that the waiter heven respond yet zzzz-_-.

I was quite disappointed with some of our friends who left earlier without even informing Kel. I mean this is some of the basic manners la.. tell the main person that you are leaving at least. When we got to our seats after drying up, I saw one of our beds occupied by strangers.
I asked kel,

"Where the rest?"

"You ask me ar? i also duno", He replied sarcastically lor. He was pissed off lor. Almost half of the people went home but only kx and his gf said goodbye to Kelvin.

Anyway we left and went to 848 coffeeshop to have our supper at around 4. The tea i drank was the best i ever had since i was so f*cking cold wearing a wet shirt all night. Anyway we had a good luff chatting about other people's habit lol.

okok here are the pics.

It is not edited, the right side is truly a monkey god.

85kg on my laps!!

3 Pubohsss

Duck, Bunny, Monkey.

Shall post some only, msg me in msn for all!

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