Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The day before departure

We had our last dinner/drinking session with kel before departure. While waiting for kelvin to have his dinner with his gf's brother, we did something stupid lol. Thanks to Admond for the upload.

Last pic =((

32 bottles in the pic. Initially, there were 8 bottles on the table, cleared away be the auntie already. =D

Look at the drunkards. The director is of coz none other than ME!

This video shows how Mr Black took centre stage by doing pushups in the middle of the road:

Our yandao YC and 9Dragons Thief KW meditating:

Our emotional KW crying when hugging Kelvin...

HAHAH i really felt my phone was put to very good use ROFL. Thanks to Admond for uploading again =)

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