Monday, February 12, 2007

Bye Ngee Ann!

People always say we dun cherish things around us when it happens right now. I guessed that was what i felt during the start of my last semester. Tomorrow would be the last day im walking along NP's orchard road to take my last exam paper(unless i fail the paper). Although poly life was not as fun as those in secondary school, but still, it was interesting enough to give me some of the best memories in teenage life. Some of the most carefree moments would definitely fit into this category of my life. Ok good things always end. Of cause, we must look forward to the future, but its good to post something that we dun wan to forget.

I still remember the first day i step into the conventional hall with my sec sch friends to look for the course i want. The directors of every course was there to give details about JAE and their own course. Filling in the form was easy, but soon, it proved to have a big impact in my 3 years in Poly. The first group of friends i made was actually quite friendly and fun to be with. We are together as a class for 1 year since we studied the basics of electronics for the first year. It was quite fun except that 1 of my best pal couldn't tahan the boringness of the course, and withdrew from school. Every module was difficult except for 1- Sport and Wellness. All we have to do for this course was to attend 2 hours of PE lessons each week and we will pass the module lol.

For the three years, i had two failed modules during the second year. Fortunately, I passed the modules during the summer school which means to come back during holiday =( and that was why i could finish the course along with my batch of friends. Failing modules was nothing but when you know you would be in a class where you duno anyone, you would be motivated to study.
Although i had my fair share of warning letters in my mailbox, i still kept my attendance at more than 85%. To pass modules in Ngee Ann is easy. All you have to do is the complete all quizzes and past-year exams paper before the exams. The past-year paper are always similar to that of your exam scripts. Cheena people once told me they always memorise the whole exam scripts before they enter the exam hall.

Of cause people dun eat the same food for 365 days. There are three places we frequent during lunch break. They are the KAP(King Albert Part) Mac, BTM(bukit timah market) and bukit timah plaza. After lunch break, you will see groups of people coming out to the back gate for cigarettes. During my project days, library was the best place imo. Guys always go there to see girls one lor. Gym and soccer court was the place we visit if we had the time. I regretted not being in the pool for once =(
Anyway i thought i won't be able to complete my project in time but things are just so unexpected in poly. Rantings from me about the course were normal but still i will be completing the course soon. I hate to board bus 961 when i end school at 5 =/. I swear that i never do any homework during my three years in Poly. I hope everyone try to live their life to the full during their time in school.

Fwah lan better stop here or else no need to sleep liao.
Another phase of my life shall begin!
Goodbye NP!

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