Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Philbert lee!!!

What are friends for? I dunnoe the answer but im really proud to have this group of friends around me most of the time. They are humourous, steady, carefree, fun and most of all, they take things really lightly. I don't feel any pressure when im with them. Yes, although most of them stay at Yishun, but our friendship is getting stronger. From the legendary 4a6 till now, we are still together. Meeting almost everyday although we are from different schools.

Today is philbert's birthday. We met up in base and eat. After slacking, Philbert was hinting that he wanted to go home early. I think he already knew that we are going to beat him up like wat we did to kelvin, Ruisong and You Chao during their birthdays. After awhile, Ruisong and kelvin walk away from the table. No one has a clue about where they are going. About half an hour later, val called and ask me to bring philbert to the base- Ruisong bought a cake for philbert and some whip cream to smash it on his face. When we reach the base, standard procedure, place the candles on the cake and sing the birthday song for him as normal. But paper plates with cream on it was prepared by Irene after the song. After sometime, Ruisong and BY got hold of philbert and we took the whip cream and smashed it on his face. Everyone took turns for the cream action. His face was completely white and i saw some blood below his left eye. Someone smashed too hard, his spec hit his face ( i think it's me =/). We ate the cake and proceeded to the carpark for the bashing of philbert lee.

We went to the highest floor and everyone gathered. Each of us took turns to wack bert. He was gekking his muscles lmao. We were also checking on the fire hose for water so that we could spray on him. But sadly, no water came out one =(. Ruisong requested for a second round but it seems like philbert have had enuff injuries liao. Ruisong then called me over. Telling me tat the staircase has a pail of water, and he wanted to splash it on bert. The three girls gey siao walk over to bert and said it's their turn to beat him. After awhile, Rs came out of the staircase with the pail of water and splash it onto PHILBERT!!! HAHA He looked so helpless. Hope u have a wonderful and memorable birthday!
After which we went to the coffee shop and bought beer to drink. 11+ went home !

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