Monday, November 21, 2005

WCG final day

Was woken up by valerie's call. I realised it was 2.30 and im late for the WCG finals OMG. The finals of the counterstrike tournament was USA vs Kazakstan. Met up with Valerie on the way to Suntec. Felt very tired becoz i slept at 7 in the morning. When we reached there, the finals was over. i saw some of the crowds coming out of the conventional hall. Bert suddenly said he wanted to take part in a small competition, a 1v1 counterstrike competition.

So we went to the booth to register. I was feeling abit nervous becoz alot of ppl was watching the current competitors playing. Furthermore, i have not touched cs for a long time since my comp was down. After registering i saw someone familiar walked past. It WAS SHAGUAR! in case u all dunnoe who the hell is he. He's a top class Counterstrike player playing in one of the top teams in the world. I went over and requested a photograph with him and he agreed OMG! After the photo taking, i still couldn't believe i actually took a photo with him. Philbert and Shao Kun were also included in the pic haha. Haha thank you val.

As the clock ticks.. soon both me and Philbert were called up for the 1v1 tournament. Surprising i won the tournament and grab a copperhead home. Im the king of the hills hahaa. Today was extremely fun...

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