Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Looks, tells everything?

Let me tell u all something. Never judge a person from the looks. Omg. Maybe it has been too late to realise this. But it's better late den never isn't it? Recently i realised one of my friend was stabbed on the back by a friend, lets name him A. A told everything about my friend to his gf. Reporting every single stuff to his gf, including things that aren't important, causing their breakups. After their breakup, A even attempts to woo the gf. ARE YOU SO DESPERATE!?!??! i have got nothing to say anymore. That's not all. A even took advantage of my another friend. Making him pay for his mealS with his hard- earned money. Ok well, in another case. I hv a friend who told someone that her bf looks ugly, and said "Why i have such bf" PLEASE LA, CHECK OUT UR OWN BLOODY FACE FIRST. After her bf has done so much for her, she actually said this. Forget it, lucky for my friend, they broke up already. Things are even better without his gf.

Lessons are to be learnt, if you dun, den u have to face the consequences. I've already told u not to drink, if you think you are enjoying life, gd luck to you my friend =)

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