Friday, November 18, 2005

World Cyber Games

Met up with sor zai( dun be angry pls) and philbert after lesson at about 4 pm and went to Suntec for World Cyber Games opening ceremony. Omg it was fucking Grand. You can see people holding the National flags of their own country and watching the performance on stage. There were Cheerleading performances by Magnum Force from NP =) and other schools. Indians dances and Wushu were displayed to show the unity of the different races in Singapore.
The t-shirts of this years WCG is damn chio lor bth. Wanted to kop some of them but they said we need postcards with a chop on it den can take -_- HAHA damn funny- After i asked a indian guy where do i get the postcards, he told me i could get it from any restaurants or cafe. So i went to the starbucks and ask about the Zocards(postcards). He gave me a very funny reaction. Shaking his head and ask " Wat ? Wat Zocard? " dunnoe how to describe but tt's fcking funny.

After which we went to the food court because the sor zai vaL heven had her dinner yet. After dinner, we went back to the conventional hall trying to get our hands on the WCG t-shirt lmao. Then vaL said her result out liao. So we went to the Samsung booth. Omg the girls there were so pretty, cute and sexy wearing the samsung attire. We saw that the laptop they displayed were connected to the internet so val check her result from there. She nearly fainted sia. Taking 3 subjects and taking all As. This girl abit crazy la. Dunno how this sor zai can score all As. HAHA... but not bad la felt happy for her. Hope to see you in NP next yr ^_- After which we tried damn fcking hard to get the shirt coz they are packing already. I even asked a foreigner for help. Dunnoe WTF he talking also. i think he's speaking German. still to no avail. So, we went down to starbucks for coffee and tcss before we headed to the bus stop. On the way, we saw Fiona Xie omg. She's so damn hot ar bth. Okay la Friday go again.This time, with a camera to take pics with my favourite players from overseas!! HERE I COMES...

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