Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lincoln birthday MOMO

Lincoln should knows that he won't be going home sober this night. Everyone has already warned him. Some even told her gf not to get drunk that night to send him home. Luckily, there are some who knows their limit and standby to send those drunkards home. Thanks to Henry and BY especially, who always made sure we get home safely =)) This entry should be quite short as the time passes like damn fast tonight.

The birthday boy told us we got a free entry before 11 so most of us actually met up early. The music were boring and the crowd was little when we first went in. The mood was like damn sianz so we decided to grab a bite outside since some of us were hungry. Many expected themselves to be drunk so it is really a good idea to fill the stomach first. Irene and Jason joined us soon after and whoa!~~ she was sexy that night-Only button up one from her black shirt. First time i saw Irene wearing like that haha.

I've nv seen any pole dance before but this is really great stuff in MOMO. It was already the last contestant when we went back MOMO after eating. Pole dancers really require good skills and balancing siol. They are just like those gymnasts whom must have really strong arms to hold on to the pole. Anyway we started drinking quite late because the drinks took forever to arrive. Some even started dancing without drinking. We had a comfortable place to sit since Val knows Sebastian from opss, who is working in MOMO. After drinking, its the normal dancing stuff later on until i was damn tired and decides to rest awhile. I went to look for Lincoln who, was puking outside MOMO accompanied by his gf, while the rest were still dancing.

Henry went off with kw and lincoln while i took a cab with Geraldine since shes staying in BB. Hope lincoln had a memorable birthday yesterday!

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