Wednesday, March 14, 2007

sucky work

Aye sorry guys, wanted to post something about my Genting trip but my friend took forever to update those pictures so.. lets continue with something else first.

Everyone works on Monday except for public holidays but for me, this day is different as it is my first day working in St James. I know nothing about liquors(except those basic), nothing about the place, nothing about everything. I dun even know where is the staff entrance. Valerie was with me on the first day too. Christina, our manager, told us to walk into the staff entrance to fill up the declaration with the help of a security. HAHA i bet the security dun even knows what to do. He keep asking me to follow the instruction all that -_-. Ok i've punched the card and we're ready to work. Every new staff told Val and me that we were "lucky", first day kena Grand Opening liao. This is the day when every shareholders and dua dua bosses come together and party i think. Anyway we were instructed to clean the wine glasses and wipe them as we get ready for 7pm. I wished i could get some bites of the food in the buffet area whenever i arranged the chair on the corridor.

I tried to talk to some of the guys there and found out that most of the chinese were from JCs and all guai guai one. Not that JC students cannot work in pub and all that but dun they feel unhealthy to work in this kinda environment? I must say that Malays are actually quite sociable than Chinese when we first talk. Dun talk about getting along well or not la. If the Chinese duno you, they give u those stares asking "ARE YOU A BAD GUY?" unlike malays. Ok abit off topic.

I was assigned to carry the drinks on a tray and serve those customers coming in. Doing this was quite ok but must be damn careful with the drinks. Every customers who came in were either in coats or blazers one la. Cigars were as big as Blacks' d*cks lol! Anyway they seems to know anyone from anywhere. Unlike Zouk or Mos, the place are frequent by older people i think. Some of them even ordered a bottle of champagne and finish only half of it. Damn..

Anyway its like doing the same thing till they close. Quite slack after 1pm. I saw some of those old ppl dancing cha cha haaha damn funny wanted to laugh but can't. We end our work at 3 but have to wait for the transport at 4pm damn shagg!!

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