Wednesday, May 25, 2005

First day of school...

FUIYOH!! Woke up at 6++ wanted to sleep more but can't. Maybe im too excited to go school after this long break. This holiday has definitely learn alot about life and relationship. Reach school at 10 sharp. When i went into the class, no one except the lecturer was there. So i choose a seat and settled down lor. Den got this girl staying outside class duno for wat. As if im going to eat her up or wat sia. Finally, when more and more people comes in, den she comes in -_- . The class was damn quiet. Luckily i know some of them from last semester. There are about 6 girls in my class. It's rare becoz if you can find any girls from an engineering class, you are considered lucky haha. The class ended at about 11.30am den go for break. Wanted to buy my lecture notes and books, but the queue is like MuThaF*kiNG long haha. Maybe because of the amount of ppl coming into Np this year. Somemore is the dragon year.
After break we went to another tutorial class call ACDA. Wanted to talk to those ppl i dunnoe, but they kinda look unfriendly leh lol. Overall, the class is not bad la. Later den i found out that i don't have school on Wednesday for this semester wah shiok. School ends at about 4.30pm den follow my friends to kopitiam at khatib to slack awhile before going home.

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