Friday, May 20, 2005


woke up at 11pm++ and saw her msn, she looks so sad. So decided to call her to ask her what happened. She told me she thought she found someone from st john and thot he's the one for her. lol. Trying hard not to luff. Juz becoz he cares about her and took all the initiative, and she has fallen for him? wat a joke. After this incident, it makes me think is it really worth it to care so much about her? forget it la. Is there true love? *puke* i have been too stupid la haha. To think i still call her to ask wat happened. that's a stupid move. But one thing im really surprise is that i dun feel hurt at all. Haha maybe the feelings is starting to fade. Maybe it's a good thing. arrr go slp and dun think too much bye bye bye

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