Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Aaron Leong

It was a short but nice birthday for Aaron. We reach the Muddy Murphy pub at about 11pm. After half an hour, all of us were here. Yc, admond, me, aaron, Alex, Kx and his cousins ( Marcus and bryan). We toast Aaron with the beer and wished him happy birthday before his cousins chut stun- wanted to give him a surprise. They ordered 2 lambo and 1 graveyard for him haha. he nearly can't walk properly liao. Everyone of us drinking the beer was also getting tipsy. den one of aaron's friend, Kenny, reached liao and straightaway ordered another lambo muahahaha. When he tar the last lambo, his head was already on the table, requesting to go to the loo. After throwing up, his cousins decided to send him home becuz he really cannot stand properly liao. They left in a cab at 1am lol . After that we went to the mac outside chinablack for a bite. Thinking of going into cb at 2am. But dunnoe whether got free entry anot. While we are still chilling at mac, kx the gay keep asking us not to go home too late -.- So when it's about time we went to ask but the lady said $12. LL go home becoz of kx need to share cab with yc and Alex.
Though it's a short BD but a meaningful one becoz he is dead drunk.

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