Saturday, March 29, 2008

Overcome thiss!!

I would be very disappointed with myself if i did not pass it this time round. Third time already! As usual i went to bbdc in the morning and took the TP. After all the crap by the instructors (which i listened to for the third time already), as usual we went for warm up. Aiya same old procedure..

I went to the room on the third floor waiting for the results and the good news is i passed!! haha 4 points somemore. Anyway i took a new pictures for the license since the card would last for long so have to take a more handsome photo LOL.

First time: 28 points (chui)
Second time: 6 points 1 immediate failure (stupid car)
Third time: 4 points

For me i feel is damn jialat already 3rd time. Some girls just took 1 time to pass -_-. Anyway at least i did something and overcame it. Some people just does not have the consistency to finish what they are doing =)

I wanted to book my car theory immediately but i was in a rush(to camp lor where else). Soon i would be take my car license i promise!!

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