Monday, January 07, 2008

Can't sleep at all

5 months since i blogged this. Guess no one would thought that i would come back blogging again. Its a good thing actually, that no one actually view this blog except me now. These months in National Service i think through a lot. I met many different kind of people and absorbed some of the experiences i never thought i would.
In the past i always thought that money could solve everything. I always set goals and try very hard to achieve those. I focused so much on my goals but yet im not at all happy. Im only happy when im with my family, my friends and people i could confide in.
Till this point of my life, i realised that love from my families and friends are really what makes me happy. In my past relationships, i always blame the other parties when things are not going my way. I duno how to love. I dread giving care. Im selfish. But now i know. Happiness really comes from within.

2008 goals:
1: Spend more time with my family.
2: Find friends whom i have not met for a long time.
3: Try to appreciate simple things which money can't buy.

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