Friday, June 17, 2005

Yawnz boring

HAHA met up with my pri sch friend Peiling to go sch together today. Met up at Marsiling mrt at 8am. So damn tired when im walking to the mrt. When i saw her i was like "wow!!" she changed so much. Her wear is great lor, den her perfume damn gao one. I dunnoe why i was perspiring like mad every morning. Morning damn hot one sia. Talk to her about alot of things ar. Lucky she was very talkative so i can dun talk lol. Damn lazy to move my lip. Juz reply yes or no lmao. She was in dunnoe which new course in Np, can't really remember. One thing about her is that she is a mature girl la unlike some ppl ive met damn childish one hai. Reach sch met up with kelvin and wilkin den go for boring lecture.. End school at about 5pm. Went to town walk walk and bought a shirt. Sianz nothing to do one. Rs, his stead, rw and me went back to Khatib to TCSS with all our friends there. Wanted to play pool, but have to wait for 11 slots. No choice but to change plan and go home. Damn bored sia...

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