Saturday, June 04, 2005


It's a long time since we get together with our secondary sch friends. So me, yc, wesley, edric, aaron, admond, yuming, hogan and Nick decided to meet up and have a dinner in town. Aaron suggested NYDC and we headed for heeren. Reach there and waited for F*CKing long because there was about 10 of us. The staff allows those couples to enter first -_- Finally about 20 mins, we took our seats and ordered the stuff. Zk took the menu and saw this pizza called Dynamic with a "Super Hot" beside it. He ge kiang go order. At least he ate like 3/4 of it and bth liao. His whole face is covered with his sweat and he was screaming for the staff to fill up his cup of drink hahaha bth. After dinner, we asked one of the female staff to take group pic for us. Im not sure why the girl is so happy. The waitress even said that if she took the photo well, she wants Aaron's number haha. WTF. ok nvm. After dinner, we went Esplanade to chill. Nothing special happened but we really have a good time talking cock haha. about 1+ all of us took cab back lor. Im so sick =/

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