Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Experience

Hahah i still can't believe that i am now a tutor. Teaching a primary 5 kid near my house. Although i was reluctant to accept the offer, i thought there is no harm spending 1.5 hours for 200 bucks per month(new experience lol). The offer came from some which tuition websites which i registered before i enlist LOL.

Anyway i thought it was some easy job la. Teaching four primary school subjects is like abc. But the bad thing is that primary school kids are more playful and they can't FOCUSSSSS . Damn dulan.. I don't know if i can still tahan haha but i will try la. Her past paper were really damn bad i don't know why. She seems to know everything when i ask her but i she wrote stupid answers in her paper. Probably she became kan jiong during her test.

At the last 15 minutes, she keep asking me to go -_-" nb so lazy. Oh ya and the location is damn far lor. Admiralty DR wtf. Can the stupid agent please check out my place first before offering me the venue. Yes i admit i should have check street directory or something like that before i go but im so busy with army!!!

Going to get bike soon!


Abigail said...

what the hell. you are a tutor. -_-

so am i! hahaha

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Alan Donal said...

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