Friday, April 06, 2007

Underage ? bo liao~~

I thot i would not have any programs on Thursday until Ruiwen told me to go Underage Party with him. I hesitated but thot, since i had not attended any party of these kind, why not join him and see how those underage kids dance lol!

We reached Esplanade at around 10pm and saw alot of Lians and Bengs outside gathering and queueing outside DXO. Soon we met Kumar and Winson and their friends who were only 18? no, 17? no, 16yo -_-. We went in alot earlier because Kumar's friend, Amber, knows someone who could sign us in without queueing up.

The place were filled with people smallest size than those of Zouk or Mos. Of cause, there are people who seems to be of same age, same height as me. Whenever i light up a cig, the bouncer would come over and ask to see my band, which indicates im 18 and above. Rw was once asked to go out of the club by a CID. I think he looks too peihoon that's y. The problem was that the guy didn't even show up his ID or warrant card when he pulled RW out of the club(he did show when he's outside). Must be thinking Underage Party is some bo liao event, but the people there are more high than normal. Maybe younger people have more energy and they tends to be more open.

The temperature seems normal in the club. But when u enter the dance floor, i bet u can't even stay there for a full 60mins. It was just too hot. Unlike MOS, you could stay in the dancefloor for the whole night.

Anyway the club ends at 4 and we went our seperate ways. We met Val and Mw at 848 to grab a bite before heading home at 7AM. =)

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