Friday, April 27, 2007

Golden KEY!

I feel that it is morally right that i should celebrate my actual birthday with my parents since they brought me up for 21 years. They agreed to celebrate by bringing me out for dinner but kept me in suspense until the day before. I was hoping it was not another Swensen or Jack's Place kinda place until they told me they made a reservation at Hard Rock Cafe. Oh no u all must be thinking i would be whining but HRC is really a good idea. I have not been there before. Even if they treat me to a coffee shop i would still be please because they never actually try to celebrate a birthday with me except for twice.

Ok we reached at around 630pm both of them gave me a present EACH! OMG. They seldom or never do this. Sometimes only 1 of them put money in a red packet and give it to me.

My dad ordered this starter call er.. i think it is call the chilli crab dip with chinese buns or something.

and den this is my Salmon Pasta,

i seriously think this one sucks because i only ate halfway. So cheesy(DAO~~~) i eat until want to vomit. The only food i finish is the salmon.

ok enuff of those food, this is me and my brother,

Ok den the ice cream comes for the birthday boy, i took it with both my parents:

My brother should not even have the thoughts to try the ice cream because i ate all =]~~
And then comes the cake. Those pictures of the cake are hiding in my brother's hp and they can't be uploaded -_- The most impt thing like suay suay cannot upload.

Ok im lazy to upload all. Last picture me and my mom,

Look alike bo?

Anyway i felt damn happy tonight la. The feeling is so different celebrating with your family members. I love my parents.. (cb emo liao)
Oh ya i got my graduation letter already. It is on the 12th of June. It contains an excuse letter from Mindef which i dun need it because im enlisting on July 27th. Cherish everyone u have in front of you.

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