Saturday, June 16, 2007


Long time since i blogged. I actually forgot the blogger url and my password =/ Anyway things are going very well for me atm. Oh ya i duno if someone recently got pissed because i wanted to join them for their "last" kopi session but i didn't. I would have to say sorry la. Since i stayed so far and u all didn't confirm with me the time. I can't possibly attend without anyone there.

Kw, By, RS and Admond already went in and i wish them good luck for their BMT. My enlistment date would be July 27th and i can't wait to finish this 2 years quickly. Hope to get out soon and start to earn money liao.

I know some of u won't believe this but i actually picked up a new hobby recently lol. I bought a guitar and are still trying to learn right now. My dad actually knows how to play a guitar!! There was once im damn pissed with him because he was using my laptop for so long and when he saw my guitar, he took and played a song. Damn nice. Luckily he taught me the basic or else i would still have no idea how to reach the chords.

some videos i saw from youtube.

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