Monday, July 11, 2005

stress is COMING!!

Boring sunday. Spend most of my time sleeping at home. That's why can't sleep and blog. Hmm.. my common test is coming and i still heven really start revising yet haha. Spent some time talking to Peiling on the net and she told me some of her problems with her classmate. But she also dun really care so not a big problem. Den play some cs with the pms girl jacy until now. Hmm.. got free tix to superstar later. Thanks to hong fai. Reserving one tix for the pathetic me.

Life is different for me now after i left her. Im depending more on myself. Trying my best not to think of the past. But can i really do it? Well.. time will heals everything. If she dun cares, why should i? =) Yawnzz time to sleep...

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